Marie Lodi
Updated June 28, 2016 8:07 am
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Happy National Sunglasses day, sunnies lovers! If you’re someone who has a serious collection of shades in different shapes, sizes, and colors, you might be curious to know exactly which style is hot in your state. Fashion ecommerce site, Polyvore, recently mined its data to find out which styles are the most popular this summer by state. If you have a gazillion cat-eye lenses and live in New York, Louisiana, or Minnesota, congrats! You are VERY on trend. Rounded shades are most popular in California and Colorado, while heart-shaped lenses are coveted by Oregon and Vermont folk.

Does all this talk of sunglasses give you the urge to add to your collection? Check out some styles to shop plus the states that love them, below.

Cat Eye

Paul Redmond/Getty Images / ASOS

Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses With Color Block Frame And Cut Away Lens, ASOS, $23

Popular in: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


James Devaney/WireImage / Forever 21

Glossy Round Sunglasses, Forever 21, $5.90

Popular in: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Heart Shaped

XPX/Star Max/GC Images / Nordstrom

Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Nordstrom, $12

Popular in: Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, and Vermont.

Flat Top

GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images / Overstock

EPIC Eyewear ‘Casey’ Sunglasses,, $11.89

Popular in: Hawaii and South Carolina.


Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Hexagon Flash & Flat Lens Sunglasses, ASOS, $19.50

Popular in: Montana and Rhode Island.


Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Ally Aviator Sunglasses, Topshop, $20

Popular in: New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

Oversized Round


Sunglasses, H&M, $6.99

Popular in: South Dakota!