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The sound of an alarm going off is the actual worst, am I right? So when the changing of seasons means the air is chilled, it’s still too dark to do anything, and you’re all snuggled up in blankets, chances are, you’re going to be late for wherever you’re supposed to be because hitting SNOOZE just feels right. This recently happened to high-schooler, Cara Poppic, when she overslept on a school day and mom, Nicole wasn’t thrilled.

Of course, as mom talks usually go, Cara wasn’t really into hearing this so she put on her headphones to tune everything out. That’s when things took a turn.

I can hear the collective cries right now, but it’s cool — the phone was completely fine when Nicole later when back to retrieve it. As if that wasn’t punishment enough, she went above and beyond in both taking the other two children to school first, then writing this hilarious tardy note to Cara’s school that’s now gone viral. In the letter, she attributes Cara’s lateness to the condition known as “teenage-ism” and we’re totally applauding her!

If you’re wondering how Cara felt about the whole situation, she was obviously a little embarrassed about how it made her look, but in the time since, they’ve laughed about it.

We feel, you, Mom. Parenting (and growing up) is hard but trust us—you’re rocking it.