See inside Mindy Kaling’s newly remodeled cozy and minimal NYC apartment

Mindy Kaling has done it again. The chic celebrity who has made a name for herself with her cute and fashion-forward outfits is now bringing her stylish vision to her New York City apartment — and we get the chance to take a sneak peak! While some celebrity homes can seem overly cold and detached, Kaling’s apartment is etched with her distinctive personality. The entire place shows off her unique sensibilities and quirky sense of humor. The only downside to her apartment? It’s giving us a serious case of home envy!

Check out Mindy Kaling’s must-have New York City apartment!

Working with design studio One Kings Lane, Mindy Kaling set out with a specific goal: to make a home that was warm, inviting, and that showed off her one-of-kind style. And she more than achieved that, combining chic and simple elegance with comfortable and cozy accents. The studio helped Kaling rein in her desire to cover every free space with decorations. The results are understated and classy, with a flair that’s impossible to miss.

Love Mindy Kaling’s style? Having a sudden and intense urge to go shopping for home goods? Luckily, you can grab all the pieces directly through One King’s Lane. And while they’re certainly not cheap, these items aren’t ridiculously expensive either. One or two fancy throw pillows could really amp up your home decor credibility and help your space shine with personality, just like Mindy Kaling’s does !

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