Christina Wolfgram
Updated Apr 05, 2016 @ 3:02 pm
Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

Until recently, I associated brown lipstick with ’90s mullets and cringeworthy fashion choices in reruns of Friends. But the brown lip is having a moment, and now I keep seeing the color pop up in my Instagram feed on my favorite makeup gurus.

Whether it’s a light mocha shade …

Or a deep raisin …

… I’ve found myself suddenly intrigued yet intimidated by brown lipstick. During my regular pilgrimages to Sephora I would swatch different variations of the trend on my wrist, chicken out, and end up buying yet another pink tone. Boooorring.

But then I heard about a product that was not only chocolatey in color, but also in scent. The Too Faced Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick won me over the second I unscrewed the cap. It smells like chocolate cupcakes on your birthday — sugary perfection. Automatically, I felt more excited about werking a brown shade because the delightful scent had so many good associations in my brain.

The Melted Chocolate line has a bunch of colors, but I went with “Chocolate Honey” because it was matte and right in the middle between subtle and intense.

Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

This stuff goes on like a lipgloss but has the color pay-off of a serious lipstick. At first, I was like, “oh hell no, you cannot handle this, you Kylie wannabe.” I almost wiped it right off, but I kept it on because of the smell. It’s like freshly baked brownies, people. BROWNIES.

In the time between applying the lipstick and realizing my nose was getting used to the smell (no!!), I got used to seeing myself in the brown lipstick. Maybe we can blame the intoxicating candy bar fumes, but I actually liked how it looked!

Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

There is only one downside to the Melted Chocolates lipstick: it does NOT taste the way it smells. Not that I would taste my own lipstick. Yeah, okay, I immediately licked my lips hoping for a cocoa flavor — can you blame me? I grew up practically eating my Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper chapsticks. But Bonne Bell this is not. It just tastes like regular lip product. Darn.

Anyway, the Melted Chocolates lipstick also stays on really well. When it does start to fade at the end of the day, it’s moisturizing enough not to flake or crust, which feels like a rarity these days.

Are there any beauty trends you felt brave trying recently?