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August 30, 2017 3:00 pm
Urban Outfitters

In the 1970s, macramé—the art of making knots to create patterned fabric—was an essential in groovy, bohemian-style homes. And while the artform is thought to date back to the 13th century, when weavers would create knotted covers to protect horses from flies in the deserts of northern Africa, macramé has seen several spikes in popularity over the years. Thanks to the 1970s trend of using the knotted fabric as plant hangers and window treatments, the style is now ubiquitous in homes with a laid-back, creative vibe. According to Pinterest, search for macramé is still up year-over-year, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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If you’d like a more relaxed look in your living room or want to feel more inspired in your study, introduce one of these impressive macramé pieces.

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1Metallic Macramé Wall Hanging

West Elm

For a modern take on macramé, choose this wall hanging that mixes natural fibers with metallic yarns crafted from a surprising material: recycled candy wrappers. For a large 60-by-72-inch piece of wall art, this alternative is much more affordable than a traditional painting, and every bit as eye-catching. Let it fill a blank wall, or allow it to stand in for a headboard in your bedroom.

To buy: $100;

2Mkono Macramé Double Plant Hanger


Sure, macramé plant hangers can be found all over, but this double hanger takes the trend to the next level. This handcrafted beauty will liven up an outdoor patio or a living room.

To buy: $16;

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3Daisy Macramé Portal

Urban Outfitters

Hang this pretty macramé accent as a window valance, or place it above a doorway for a retro feel.

To buy: $89;

4Large Modern Macramé Wall Hanging


Handmade by the Etsy shop Lark & Fable, this charming wall hanging is suspended from a piece of driftwood, giving the piece a beach-inspired style. If you’d like to fill a specific spot on your wall, you can even place a custom order for the desired dimensions.

To buy: $53;

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5Jali Macramé Indoor-Outdoor Throw Pillow

World Market

No matter where you place this intricately-patterned throw pillow—on a couch, a bed, or a comfy side chair—it’s sure to infuse the space with subtle bohemian style and lots of texture.

To buy: $35;

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