Lilian Min
September 17, 2016 2:21 pm
Lush / Lilian MIn

Lush beauty products are the holy grail of beauty products because they’re ethically made, lovingly packaged, work (a very important step), and are absolutely adorable. And now, one of our favorite beauty brands is releasing some special spooky collectibles.

That’s right — Lush has come out with a Halloween collection.

But before you start throwing your money at Lush, we should probably go through the actual products that are available, right? Maybe they won’t be that cute; but alas, everything in the collection is adorable and affordable, in true Lush fashion.

We’ve got our eyes on this “goth fairy” (#aesthetic) shimmer bar, which acts as a highlighter for your body (perfect for getting a subtle glow in those inevitable Halloween group pics):

Lush also offers two wrapped gift packages, which would actually make for really fun, grown-up Halloween candy gifts. Though instead of handing them out, we’d probably hoard them:

Of course, if you’re looking for traditionally spooky fare, there’s this adorable little boo bath melt:

Or this sparkly pumpkin bubble bar:

And of course, Lush’s signature bath bombs also got a spooky update:

Check out the entire Lush Halloween collection here, and get ready — spooky beauty collection season is upon us.