Lilian Min
Updated Jul 17, 2016 @ 12:39 pm
lucie davis
Credit: Lucie Davis / Instagram

What’s in a nail? While nail polish, fake nails, nail accents, and other nail-related care and fashions make up a booming part of the beauty industry, nails are also an unlikely next frontier in the personal tech world. Metaverse Makeovers, for example, created an app that lets you put holograms over specially-made stick-on nails. And now fashion student Lucie Davis has taken nail tech to another level with acrylic nails that also double as her public transportation pass. Hell. Yes.

Davis, a student at the University of London’s Central Saint Martins art and design school, managed to pull off this nail tech hack with the help of an RFID chip. Within the body modification world, these chips are already popular — they’re tiny, and can be coded to interact with apps of all sorts, including payment ones. Davis, who’d been assigned to create something that was inspired by her daily activities, embedded one such chip into a nail for an easy, breezy swap for London’s Oyster card.

Can you imagine this world? No more fumbling for your public transit card and drawing the ire of fellow passengers, and all with a stylish set of nails that you’d probably wear anyway. (Though that might have to do more with the Oyster card’s pleasing colors.) We can’t wait to see where the next nail innovation comes from, and if Davis ever decides to expand her project out of just London’s public transit systems — we’re in.