Marie Lodi
Updated Feb 02, 2015 @ 4:12 pm

When we hear the name Anastasia, fierce eyebrows come to mind. The celebrity brow artist found success with her brow products, which I can attest to being absolutely amazing. And now, Anastasia has come out with her own liquid lipstick collection!

This excites me to no end. Liquid lipsticks are so hot right now. They are EVERYWHERE! As a total lipstick hoarder, I ain’t mad at that. And now that Anastasia has made them, I’m so excited I’m about to crawl up the wall. Just kidding. That’s scary. I’ll just sit here and smile about it. Wait, that’s creepier. Okay, let’s just drool over these already:

Oh gawd, I don’t even know how I’d be able to narrow down my choices here. It’s like the time when I found a Sonic drive-in restaurant and was overwhelmed by the millions of drink flavors. I’M LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE.

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