Chelsea Duff
Updated Jul 17, 2016 @ 12:17 pm
Credit: YouTube/Buzzfeed

It’s way easy to look at mainstream models with their super-fit bodies and runway smizes and think, “Well, of course she’s confident.” As it turns out, though, you don’t really need to be a model to have a model’s self-assured look — you just need to throw on some lingerie, step in front of a camera, and push yourself so far out of your own comfort zone that the only option is to work it.

That’s what the ladies of BuzzFeedYellow did while filming their “Lingerie Throughout History” video.

When they stepped on set, not everyone was sure they’d be able to rock the sexy, slinky outfits — especially not in front of a photographer and a packed set. But as soon as the flash started popping, these ladies stepped up to the task.

And, ultimately, they were surprised with their own results.

“Feeling beautiful, feeling sexy, and feeling confident is something that I personally struggle with,” shared Michelle — a sentiment that seems to be echoed by many in the group.

“This is not like something I’ve ever done before,” explained Samantha. “Like, I get to confront all of my body issues at once,” she joked. “I’m just trying to put all of my nervous energy into being sexy.”

The thing is, every single woman pulled it off, looking fierce AF in their photos and on film — and all without a dash of nerves, despite however they felt on set.

Said Kristen, “It’s really nice seeing each person just looking so flawless and confident, because I think that’s 100% of what makes someone super hot and sexy.”

When it comes to being sexy, Jazzmyne believes that it’s different for every woman — but also that we should all feel sexy at all times. And honestly? We love that. You don’t have to have someone else’s perfect body — or even your own perfect body — to love the skin you’re in.

It’s a process, and in the meantime, it’s totally fair to just fake it ’til you make it. “You honestly just have to create your own type of beautiful and you have to create your own sense of self,” said Jazzmyne. “I’m not meant to be like everybody else for a reason.”