Light up your life with these 11 unconventional table lamps (all under $100)

Before we delve into this roundup of stunning and creative table lamps, I’d like to promise you one thing: I will not subject you to a single ~IT’S LIT~ joke.

Whether your style is quirky, minimalist, futuristic, mod, or literally any other aesthetic, I think we can all agree that table lamps should be anything but boring. It’s something you’re going to use every single day, and it’s a definite necessity in any bedroom, living room, or office space. As such a prominent interior design staple, your table lamp deserves to be a statement piece. Luckily, retailers from IKEA to World Market seem to agree.

Without further ado, here are 11 of the ~coolest~ table lamps we found to fit into pretty much any décor scheme.

1Hurricane Jars 3 Piece Table Lamp Set


Aren’t these dreamy?

Buy it here for $69.99.

2Neon Peace Sign Table Lamp 


Quirky *and* useful.

Buy it here for $79.

3Ram Accent Lamp 


Lookin’ at you, Aries folks (or any other zodiac sign because we can all use some inspiration from the energetic ram.)

Buy it here for $34.99.

4Pedestal Table Lamp 


Simple, but a statement piece for sure.

Buy it here for $39.

5Toucan Desk Lamp 


How can you ~not~ smile every time you light up this little dude?

Buy it here for $79.

6Glass Cloche 3 Edison Bulb Table Lamp 


Why have one vintage bulb when you can have three?

Buy it here for $89.99.

7Pineapple Table Lamp 


This isn’t for Spongebob.

Buy it here for $89.

8Hudson Industrial Uplight 


Mod + vintage = Classic.

Buy it here for $44.99.

9IKEA PS 2017 


Yeah, I’m not sure what I’m really looking at here either, and I LOVE it.

Buy it here for $29.99.

10Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp 


Does anyone else think this looks a bit like the Pixar jumping lamp that squishes the “I” in Pixar?

Buy it here for $95.

11Blair Circle Table Lamp 


That copper color is the prettiest.

Buy it here for $29.

Now go light the way toward your interior design dreams!