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If you needed another excuse to shop after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday bender you just put your credit card through, we’ve got it for you. Lena Dunham and Jenny Konner, both co-creators of the HBO show Girls and Lenny Letter, launched the Lenny Shop, an e-commerce boutique selling Lenny-emblazoned shirts and goods by female-fronted entrepreneurs.

Lenny is short for the Lenny Letter, the newsletter/e-zine Dunham and Konner launched earlier this year. The newsletter is a bi-weekly email that covers everything from fashion to politics, with an awesome dose of feminism. You’ve heard of it even if you think you haven’t: it’s the newsletter that published Jennifer Lawrence’s gender pay-gap essay as well as an in-depth exclusve interview with Hillary Clinton.

Refinery29 reports that Dunham and Konner described their vision of the store as “one that would rep grassroots feminist businesses and also wouldn’t force you to spend your entire rent on an ankle boot with a weird zipper.” Current collaborations include party decor banners by Funcult, pro-feminism patches by Rosehound Apparel, and nail wraps by Rad Nails.

The collection of nail wraps by Rad Nails is known as the Nudes, and is dubbed such because every nail wrap features nearly microscopic photos of boobs, butts, and vulva. From far away, they simply read as creative colorblocking, but they’re probably a little too risqué for work. Unless, of course, you work somewhere awesome. The best part is that all of the items in the Lenny Shop are completely affordable and would totally make the perfect gift for you, your bff, or your mom. Well, maybe not the nail wraps.

Check out more patches, tees, banners and nail art from their online store, here!