Anna Gragert
Updated April 27, 2016 10:26 am
Must Have Mugs / Salty Jax / Lions And Daisies
Must Have Mugs / Salty Jax / Lions And Daisies

We’ve been served lemons, so now we’re making lemonade… Beyoncé-style.

Thanks to Etsy shop owners all across the globe, we can now take our obsession with “Lemonade” and allow it to invade every corner of our lives. There are Lemonade sweaters for those cold nights when his Roc necklaces aren’t enough to keep us warm. To contain our actual lemonade, there are mugs to help keep us hydrated as we’re twirling all our haters. And how could we resist a “Boy Bye” banner that clearly belongs above our beds?

The answer: We can’t. We can’t resist any of the following items…

Bougeak Lemonade Formation Sweatshirt ($27)

Bougeak / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_12

Fun Cult Boy Bye (Beyoncé) Glittering Fringe Banner ($38)

Fun Cult / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_3

Wild Youth Tees Call Becky Athletic Grey T ($25)

Wild Youth Tees / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_24

Bypepperana Beyoncé Lemonade Embroidery Wall Art ($20.32)

Bypepperana / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_11

Kelham Print I Was Served Lemons, But I Made Lemonade Jumper ($26.84)

Kelham Print / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_13

Salty Jax Beyoncé Lemonade T-shirt ($17.99)

Salty Jax / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_12

Lions And Daisies Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Side Chicks Unisex T-shirt ($17.99)

Lions And Daisies / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_33

OPFclothing Beyoncé Lemonade Vintage Polo ($25)

OPFclothing / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_23

Cosmic Medium Lemonade T-shirt ($25)

Cosmic Medium / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_29

Bypepperana Hot Sauce Bat Magnet Sticker ($3.25)

Bypepperana / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_13

Virginia Bella Lemonade Formation Tour Bey Hive T-Shirt Unisex ($25)

Virginia Bella / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_11

Bougeak Lemonade Formation Tee ($23)

Bougeak / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_37

Must Have Mugs Lemonade Coffee Mug ($14.95)

Must Have Mugs / www.etsy.comé&ref=sr_gallery_15

Boy, bye.