Ahh leggings. Who would have known they would possibly be the most controversial article of clothing ever? While think pieces have been written defending the people’s right to wear leggings as pants, others would rather go nude on the bottom than to do such a thing. Well, maybe not, but some anti-leggings-as-pants hate is so strong you just never know what people could resort to. You know what I say? LET LEGGINGS LIVE.

Let the people of the world enjoy these comfy, slim-fit stretch pants however they want to wear them. Leggings were a trend that never went away and instead became a classic staple in most of our wardrobes. Many designers took note of this and have gotten creative over the years, expanding from the basic, plain black design and taking the chance on wild prints and colorful patterns. Take L.A. company Poprageous for example, who has taken all of our dreams and put them in leggings form. And when I say dreams. . .I am talking about the HUNKS OF OUR DREAMS.

The Gos, Cumberbatch, Leo resting their mugs on my thighs? MOMMA LIKE.

And for those of you who love (Jon) SNOW weather, brace yourself for these.

There’s also some other cute ones like this dinosaur print and our favorite poop emoji!

Imagine if you’re a Cumberbabe, you can have his face plastered all over your gams whether your heading out on a flight (leggings make primo travel wear), having a Netflix marathon at home or perfecting your squats in Bar Method class. LEGGINGS CAN DO IT ALL.