Credit: Aday

Are these leggings the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit of pant wear?

We all know that leggings are the best — stretchy, comfy, fashionable, and practical. You can do SO much with them. Dress them up, dress them down, even wear them to the gym. Leggings are probably the single most essential (and adaptable!) part of any woman’s wardrobe.

ADAY, a relatively new high-end activewear brand, sells what is possibly the perfect pair of leggings. While I’ve yet to personally try on a pair, ADAY’s “Throw & Roll” leggings sold out overnightmultiple times. false

According to ADAY’s official Twitter account, these leggings are actually a re-launch of an older fan-fave item which sold out multiple times in years past. Just from the photos, they look flawless.

According to Refinery29, these “athleisure” leggings are particularly remarkable because ADAY paired with “the most technically advanced factory in Europe” in manufacturing the Throw & Roll product. It’s the same company that manufactured the now-banned high-tech Michael Phelps swimsuit, which allegedly gave the Olympian swimmer an unfair advantage. So, yeah, they clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to sleek AF bodywear.

ADAY’s mission statement? They “design clothing that’s ready to move,” taking the wearer from work to yoga to cocktail hour, and back again. The company boasts a few fancy-schmancy special features for their lightweight Throw & Roll leggings, including that they’re “quick-drying, [with] moisture management, UV protection, pilling resistance, and stretch.

They also have “Olympic-standard bonded seams (literally) and a double-layered waistband,” to top it all off. But perhaps best of all? From the site’s item description, the leggings boast “handy pockets with self-locking zips and a discreet phone pocket on the side.” That’s right. Multiple, functional pockets… on super chic leggings.

ADAY’s fit description is admittedly terrifying (“Feels like you’re putting on a wetsuit the first time, but don’t worry—yes, they are meant to be that tight“) but the company assures would-be buyers that the Throw & Roll leggings will actually mold to the wearer’s shape. So basically, you’re getting custom-made, butt-sculpting leggings for your body type. Sounds almost too good to be true.

They’re a wee bit pricey at $125 a pair, but hype like this doesn’t lie. If you’re into these magic-sounding leggings, be sure to snag yourself a pair (in black or navy) at ADAY’s website before they’re out of stock (again)!