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Lady Gaga continues to hold a huge place in our hearts, from her openness about mental illness to her unrelenting support for survivors of sexual violence. Her total refusal to be anyone but herself is straight up inspiring (like, she felt zero shame about just getting her driver’s license!), and so are her fashion choices. The latest look she rocked at New York Fashion Week has us taking *major* notes.

Lady Gaga is literally the epitome of edgy AF.

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Um, hello #BaeGoals. Seriously, is this look not everything we’ve been awaiting this year and more? It’s the perfect combination of our black-loving souls and our desire to rock any (and every!) piece of clothing with a DGAF attitude. Hell yes, Gaga!

And those glasses are doing *serious* work for this look in the best way.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Who knew glasses could be so cool?! The simple, chic black frames are totally chill for the everyday look, and we’re loving the slight cat eye. Plus, they highlight her super gorgeous eyes. Ugh, we’re so into this, and definitely gonna snatch up a pair ASAP.

The best part about it is that Lady Gaga KNOWS how good this look is.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Look at that pose! 1000000% confidence. That’s a power stance if we’ve ever seen one, and we’re so here for rad ladies who know how to try something new in the ~fashion world~ without batting an eyelash. We’ll be searching deep in our style-loving souls for some Gaga-esque confidence this fall!