Kenya Foy
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 1:43 pm
Credit: Steve Scherer /

Dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm can be super frustrating, but this kid shoveling his snowy driveway on a hoverboard proves that the key is to implement creative cleanup methods to get the job done when you really wanna say to hell with it and settle for living in a makeshift igloo until spring arrives.

Admittedly, watching this kid zip around on what appears to be an iced-over driveway has us feeling a bit unnerved. We honestly can’t think of a worse way to spend a snow day than recovering from a hoverboard wipeout, but this snow-shoveling hero appears to have the dangerous task down to a non-ass-busting science.

Up until watching this kid’s stunt, we’ve largely regarded hoverboards as bad news, for starters because THEY DON’T FRIGGIN’ HOVER. Ugh. Then, there’s the rash of hoverboard explosions destroying stuff that only gave us more reasons to scoff at this supposedly futuristic device.

Seriously, you can’t even take hoverboards on a plane for fear of exploding batteries, and apparently riding a hoverboard through an airport will get you handcuffed (and maybe charged with being excessively obnoxious in a public place).

But we have to take our hats off to this kid for A) doing what has to be one of the most godawful winter chores and B) remaining upright the entire time. Finally, he gets our gratitude for proving that hoverboards might actually be useful for something other than trying to convince us that they actually exist.