Rachel Charlene Lewis
September 14, 2016 9:41 am
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Though we love Kendall Jenner’s warm, California girl style, we have to say that her recent shift to all things ~edgy~ is giving us MAJOR heart eyes. The fashion icon just made her all-black debut, and it’s straight up Posh Spice vibes. We’re so, so feeling this!

In case you forgot (how could you?!), Posh Spice was known for her super sleek look.

Brigitte Engl/Redferns / Getty Images

Which often meant wearing a whole lotta black. Clearly, our fashion souls approve.

Like, come on guys, just look:

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Which is why we were so beyond stoked when we saw Kendall’s latest look — which is seemingly a total nod to the most on-trend Spice Girl of them all.

Pierre Suu/GC Images

All black everything, super tight, and so, so sleek. WE’RE SO IN LOVE, and definitely going to go see what we’ve got at our disposal to make this look our fall go-to.

And notice how the look is totally upgraded by the variety of fabrics and layers on layers.

Pierre Suu/GC Images

We’re loving the raw hem to that satin crop top, and the slight flare to those black pants. This is why Kendall is who we turn to when we need to step up our style. Who else could convince us to wear velvet?

The visible bra is a perfect combination of ’90s rad grrl vibes and 2016 DGAF fashion.

Pierre Suu/GC Images

Remember back in the ~olden days~ when we used to be embarrassed about our bras hanging out? TG for fashion updates that allow us to be comfortable. We love this look so, so much, and are also now considering chopping our hair into a chic, easy style like Posh and Kendall for fall. Would we regret it? Maybe. But imagine the Posh-esque selfies!