Picture of Kendall Jenner Wearing the Same Outfit as Britney Spears
Credit: Michael Loccisano / Ron Wolfson / Getty Images

Who wore it best: Kendall Jenner at New York Fashion Week, or Britney Spears in a 1999 music video? We think it’s a tie.

NYFW drew to a close on Thursday, but not before one final day of glitz and glam from some of the world’s most-loved designers and fashion houses. Kendall, who can usually be spotted on the runway, took the day off and scored a front row seat at the Calvin Klein show. She took in all the action with fellow models Adwoa Aboah and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Right away, though, we noticed something about Kendall’s all-white outfit: It looked very similar to one that Britney Spears iconically wore in the ’90s. We’re talking about her all-white ensemble in her music video for “Sometimes.” That crop top. Those extra-long white pants. We aren’t saying it’s a perfect match, but it’s pretty darn close.

The look is so good, Calvin Klein even shared it on Instagram.

Kendall was only four years old when Britney’s “Sometimes” video came out (do you feel old yet?), so chances are she didn’t pick the outfit with childhood memories of watching TRL in mind. Still, it’s no secret that Kendall is a big fan of 90s fashion. It seems like she’s wearing a crop top or a choker—or both—in every photo. And from plaid school-girl skirts to baggy pants, Britney is her perfect ’90s fashion icon.