It’s always such a treat to the eyes when one of those “100 Years Of…” videos is released. There’s already been several mesmerizing beauty history videos by The Cut, then Mode started getting in on the action with their “100 Years of American Fashion” tribute. As a follow-up, they’ve just put out their “100 Years of Men’s Fashion” video and it does not disappoint!

Just like the women’s fashion video, we see a model getting dressed (and undressed) into different outfits reflecting the style trends of decades past. It starts off with the hunky male model (Matt Watts, whose Instagram I made sure to lurk) in threads from 1915, which include a green plaid blazer, newsboy cap, bowtie and round spectacles.

Through the 20s, 30s and 40s, his outfits look pretty dapper. When we get to 1950, everything changes: he’s now sporting a total rebel-boy, James Dean look. NICE.

After that comes the swinging 60s and funky 70s.

For the 80s, we get a real sleazy, Miami Vice-inspired look, complete with mullet.

The outfit that made me cringe the most was 1995. Please don’t let this look ever come back in style.

The model does a great job of portraying each decade complete with dance moves. Did I see him do a l’il tribute jig to ‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” in the 2005 clip?! Check out the video below and watch in awe how clothing from each era can make the same model look like a totally different person each time.

[Images via YouTube]