Laura Kadner
Updated Jun 27, 2014 @ 11:37 am

If there are two things in this world everybody wants, it’s to eat and to sleep. What if we could combine these two magical acts of glory? Now you can! By having a bed that looks like the most delectable edible delight you can imagine. These days the sky is practically the limit in terms of having a bed you want to take a bite out of. Just take a look:

Hamburger Bed

Snuggle up and pretend you’re a pickle, dream you’re a caramelized onion, or add a bunch of extra blankets to do yourself up Animal style.

Pizza Bed

Pretty sure if Michelangelo ever was going to buy a bedspread, it’d be this one. And the pillows are the crust. It’s all in the details, guys.

The Other Pizza Bed

There are actually two pizza beds in existence. That’s basically proof there is a god. A pizza god who loves us all very much.

Waffle Bed

If Ben Wyatt ever needs for another gift for Leslie Knope, he should look no further than this bed. An addition of a fluffy white blanket would make an excellent dollop of whipped cream.

Chocolate Bar Bed

I feel like they really missed something with the whole snores/s’mores possibility there, but this is still a bed I’d most likely try to eat.

Sandwich Bed

This really reminds me of a possible obstacle or challenge on Double Dare and I love it. I want to shove it in my gob, because it’s always sandwich o’clock.
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