Credit: Juicy Couture

Ready to feel old? Here’s a fun fact for you: the Juicy Couture tracksuit—favored look of 90s fashion icons from Paris Hilton to Britney —is turning 21 this year. Yes, you read that right: twenty-one. If the JC tracksuit were your little sister, you’d be taking her out tonight for her first (legal) cocktail.

In other words: It’s kind of a big deal.

To celebrate this exciting milestone, Juicy is bringing their signature velour tracksuit back to the forefront with a new campaign called #TRACKISBACK. The campaign stars 21 fashion it-girls talking about their first tracksuit and styling the now-classic look in thoroughly modern ways.

Basically there’s never been a better time to call your mom and ask her to dig through the boxes you left in the attic, find your old Juicy tracksuit, and mail it to you.

Because now it’s not just a faded reminder of all those mornings you were late for calculus, it’s a legit vintage piece with serious style potential.

Happy birthday, Juicy Couture velour. It’s good to have you back.