Marie Lodi
Updated Sep 04, 2015 @ 3:28 pm

The worst thing EVER is when you see something that you must snap a photo of, whether it’s a license plate that somehow magically refers an inside joke between you and your bestie, a cute animal doing a cute thing or a U.F.O. landing, and your phone battery just dies. SO TRAGIC. It’s a whole other level of worrying that you shouldn’t subject yourself to. Trust.

This cute juice box-themed portable charger is the answer to your thirsty phone. His government name is Mr. Boost Juice and he is here to easily charge any smartphone, plus many other USB-compatible devices such as tablets, cameras and mp3 players. All you need is to provide your own USB cable and this little guy will rejuvenate your phone in no time. It will keep it powered up and satisfied for 3-4 hours. He will make the most adorable traveling companion, too. Bring on the photo ops, universe!

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(Product shots via Pygmy Hippo Shoppe.)