I love receiving packages, and because almost everything is available for online ordering with free shipping, I really never have to leave my house. The problem with frequent deliveries though, is that my dog Sullivan hates strangers, unfamiliar interruptions in his daily routines, and the sound of the doorbell.

So I decided to treat him to a package of his own and got him a PetBox. PetBox is a monthly delivery service that introduces its members to fun and healthy new pet products every month. Beyond that, they go the extra mile and personalize each member’s monthly subscription by allowing members to pack their own PetBox each month with products and supplies that actually make the most sense for their furry friends. The PetBox pet experts scour the planet looking for only the best products to offer its members.

This little ducky came in Sully’s PetBox and judging by the stern look on his face, it’s not a toy he’ll ever be willing to share. #Mine

PetBox is not just for dog owners, either. Cat owners can spoil their loved ones too!

Their monthly subscription fees start as low as $29/month and BONUS – HelloGiggles readers can receive 20% off their first order by entering code “HELLOGIGGLES” at checkout.

Order yours here.