Item Of The Day: Perfect Ten-Tickles Wall Decal

Apartment wall decals have been a “thing” for a few years now. And I’m not going to lie to you – every time I go to Target, I happen to see a small display of them on an end cap, and spend approximately five solid minutes figuring out where I’d put them in my place. Unfortunately, most of the designs I’ve seen have been hearts and stars. Sure, they might be awesome, and hold a place in every girl’s heart, but – they’d probably be better placed in my college dorm circa 2003 than in my current “I’m trying really hard to be an adult, everyone” town home. Also, I’m unsure as to how my husband would reach to a sea of neon flowers.

But alas! Our friends at ModCloth have struck a balance between fun and exciting, and sophisticated and thought-provoking. Check out this amazing octopus wall decal set they’re currently selling for $50.00. Er – pardon me. Octopus tentacles. The octopus itself is hiding behind your couch, ready to give you a gigantic hug.

The decal comes in a set of four pieces, and measures 27 x 60 inches. Even better, they’re easily removable in case you decide you don’t want to have an octopus hiding in your living space. It’s the ideal accent if you want to keep your walls mostly bare, and it’s definitely an eye catcher for when guests come over.

If you love all things nautical, this might be the perfect new addition to your living space.

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