Item of the Day: Momiji Message Dolls

“Momiji is inspired by friendship and little kindnesses.”

Okay, if you know me or any of my past articles, I’ve mentioned before that I really love dolls and cute things. This item of the day is both! Recently, I found out about these adorable little dolls called Momiji message dolls. They are small, just a few inches tall, but look really good on my shelf, as they are breakable, so no, the kids aren’t playing with them! And they are message dolls, so each comes with a little opening at the bottom to put a little message on the little slip of paper that comes with them. They would make great gifts I am to assume, but I don’t see myself wanting to order one just to give it away, though I guess that’s really the point!

Each doll has a unique name and they have new designs coming and going, so if you see one you like, it’s best to order it when you see it because they may retire it. They also have different dolls for special occasions, such as birthdays and Holidays. I may also try buying one of the dolls that are all white that you can paint yourself.

My favorite currently is Tiny Teeth, who is new for Halloween 2013 and she’s a little vampire! Tiny Teeth, to me, looks like a little kid about to go trick-or-treating as a vampire. Actually, all of the dolls look like little kids. They also remind me of another line of collectables that I got obsessed with a few years back called Precious Moments Figurines. They are similar in size and cuteness, but the Momiji dolls are a little more modern with different colors, whereas the Precious Moments figures are mostly white and pastel colors.

The Momiji company started in 2005 and is based in England. The packaging is brilliant and fancy, so much so I couldn’t imagine throwing them away, so instead, the boxes that the little dolls came in, I put them on the shelf behind them! Even my husband, the graphic designer, was impressed with the packaging. I know Tiny Teeth was supposed to be for Halloween, but trust me, I’m not putting her away come November 1st!

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