Marie Lodi
Updated Oct 21, 2014 @ 12:57 pm

Guess what, everybody? October is National Pizza Month. Don’t freak out if you weren’t aware of this very important current event. There are plenty of opportunities to make sure you properly commemorate the magic that is the ‘Za.

1. Eat something pizza-related every single day for the rest of the month

Make sure you cover all of your bases, from afterschool snack-esque Bagel Bites to the most Yelped artisan, farm-to-table pizza that exists in your town. Leave no pizza stone unturned.

2. Start referring to your loved ones with creative, pizza-themed terms of endearment

“Come here, my little pepperoni, MUMMY’S HOME!” you’ll sing-shout to your dog when you get home from work. “Hello my deep-dish darling. ‘Tis I, the veggie supreme hottie of your dreams. Will you pick up some eggs from the store later?” you’ll find yourself writing in an email to your lover.

3. Give yourself a pizza manicure!

4. Finally, accessorize with pizza thangs!

No, I don’t mean hanging two hot slices from your lobes like earrings! I’m talking about keeping your neck warm with this awesome pizza scarf from Yummy You!

Designer Twinkie Chan is known for her super cute food-themed knit accessories and this delectable scarf is a must-have! I don’t know what better way to honor this important month than wearing this around your neck, all day, every day. Aside from eating all of the pizzas, of course.