christmas decorations
Credit: Instagram/godxila

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are people who put up a few strands of Christmas lights and call it a day. And then there are these Christmas devotees who blind their neighbors with their decorating efforts, transforming their homes into Christmas displays that rival the windows at Macy’s 34th Street. Intense Christmas decorations are where it’s at.

Which is fine by us. Christmas (and all of December in general) is the one time of year we get to wrap our homes in shiny bright lights, drag pine trees into our living rooms to decorate, pin wreaths to our doors, stick inflatable santas and snowmen on our front lawns, and just be a TINY bit annoying with how much we love the holidays. And honestly, Christmas (or Hanukkah) decorating is FUN. It means you get to go to Target and wander the holiday aisles, and pick out all the different trinkets and lit up strings you’ll decorate your home with.

And even if you’re not a huge decorator for the holidays, don’t you just love seeing how everyone else went all out? Tonight, if you have nothing going on, you should definitely walk or drive around your neighborhood and check out all the pretty lights. They’ll be gone before we know it!

Or you can check some out here. We’ve rounded up 17 houses with some of the most clever and intense Christmas decorations ever. You don’t even need to leave your own home to see them!

1A Griswold-style front yard

Clark Griswold would definitely approve of these Christmas decorations.

2A Christmas light display for football fans

These Seattle Seahawk fans decked out their house with 175,000 LEDs.

3A pretty pink home

When pink is your favorite color, why should your Christmas lights be red or green?

4What Santa would drive if he could

Why stop at decorating just your house when your car is also a blank canvas waiting to be Christmas-fied?

5This will put you in the holiday spirit

These Christmas decorations are just so extra.

6How long did this take to do?

Is there even an house in this photo? There are so many Christmas decorations and lights that we can’t tell.

7It’s a Hello Kitty Christmas

How cute is this home?

8The shape of Christmas

This house is basically a real life Christmas-themed Lite Brite.

9It’s a Star Wars Christmas

May the Christmas force be with you.

10When neighbors collaborate on their Christmas lights

There are no words to describe this two-house Christmas wonderland.

11Thank you for flying North Pole Airlines

The weather forecast may be calling for snow, but, luckily, there are no flight delays at the North Pole.

12You can never have too many Christmas lights

You know you’re a hard-core Christmas decorator when you’re blinging out the ground with lights.


This punny tree gives a new meaning to Christmas “lights.”

14This home doesn’t just stick to red and green

We think yellow is a highly underrated Christmas decoration color.

15Wait for it…

You’ll want to play this video with the sound on.

16Is this an elf Airbnb?

We feel like Santa’s crew would be right at home here.

17‘Tis the season

This home imagines a world where the Grinch and the Christmas M&Ms can peacefully co-exist.

Happy holidays!