Carly Lane
Updated Apr 16, 2015 @ 9:49 am

Have you ever been casually walking through your living room or your bedroom or your kitchen when you unexpectedly and inconveniently trip over a cord? Not only is it potentially damaging to your iPhone or your iPad or whatever happens to be plugged in, it’s also potentially damaging to your, like, self.

This happens to me A LOT — looking where I’m going has never been my strong suit — but IKEA’s new furniture is a gift for all us clumsy gals from the gods. The company is already making and selling wireless charging furniture in Europe, and the products will finally be arriving in the U.S. this spring. Wrap your brain around that: It’s furniture that charges your devices. Cool? Seriously, cool.

There will be three levels, or tiers, of wireless charging furniture. The first set will be products that have built-in wireless and can really go anywhere in your home, like nightstands and lamps (prices ranging from about $60 to $120). There will also be wireless charging pads that come with USB ports — but they don’t look clunky or super-obvious ($28 smackeroos). If anything they look like little decorations perfect for the coffee table.

The third option is for all us DIY-ers out there. The product is called the JYSSEN (this is a $30 option), and it’s a set-up that fits inside a desk to turn your own furniture into its own charging station. If you don’t have the tools or the means to install your own charger, IKEA will also provide you with a hole saw custom-made for the JYSSEN.

Check out some of the products that will be making an appearance soon at an IKEA near you and THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! No more tripping on cords! No more searching for your charger because your lamp IS your charger.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of saving up in order to have every single one of these in my apartment. At the very least, it’ll save me from several more tumbles across the living room.

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