Madison Vanderberg
June 20, 2016 3:26 pm
Mike Coppola/Getty Images/HelloGiggles

We previously called THIS the official haircut of the summer.

It’s called the ICY BOB and Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Stewart all have it. It’s basically a bob that is bleached to the point of whiteness. So white, it’s ICY.

But what about the girls that are like #BrownHairDontCare, where is the summer hair for THEM!?

We’re calling this the new look of the summer. The raven-haired, goth-inspired shaggy lob/bob. Fall is the new summer.

Sarah Hyland has it.

Anne Hathaway has a longer version.

Jenna Dewan’s lob is one of our faves.

Lucy Hale has been rocking the brunette bob for about a year now.

Maybe ditch the bleach this summer in favor of something dark and short!