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Going through the same ol’ routine every Halloween can make for a lame holiday, but the crafty minds over at the Waterjet Channel devised a way to take your pumpkin carving routine from mundane to marvelously thrilling: Slice through your pumpkin with a waterjet cutter instead of using a knife. Sounds crazy, but the video we spotted at Laughing Squid shows the method to be quicker and way cooler.

Sidenote: For anyone planning to carve pineapples for Halloween, we recommend Googling thoughtfully before trying the waterjet method because results may vary. So, not only does carving your pumpkin with water offer a refreshing break in tradition, the 30-second process allows you the extra time to decorate so you’re guaranteed to have the coolest house on the block on Halloween.

Watch and learn:

Nice! Out off all the crafty pumpkin decor suggestions we’ve seen, this one probably involves the least mess. Lazy Halloween decorating, FTW.