Marie Lodi
Updated May 24, 2016 @ 5:06 pm
hoodwitch pins
Credit: The Hoodwitch

Since launching over two years ago, the Hoodwitch has become the go-to place for modern-day witches and crystal collectors to stock up on sage bundles and amethyst candle holders. Those seeking the wisdom of the Hoodwitch can now accessorize their clothes and bags with a little bit of magic, too. The Hoodwitch has released a collection of the cutest enamel lapel pins we’ve ever seen. These three designs are perfect for witches and pin lovers alike.

Credit: HelloGiggles

Briana Luna, creator of The Hoodwitch, told HelloGiggles that she came up with the idea to make the pins in order to create wearable magic. She enlisted illustrator Robin Eisenberg to bring her vision to life.

“I felt like the cosmic hand with nails was so Hoodwitch — it’s like Carl Sagan meets Slauson Swapmeet nails!” said Briana.

Credit: The Hoodwitch
Credit: The Hoodwitch

“The crystal baller was my homage to L.A., with the palm trees in the crystal ball! It sort of ties in with all of the psychics that are in L.A., too.”

Credit: The Hoodwitch

“My mystic eye pin actually came to me as a vision in a dream,” explained Briana. “I sketched out the eyeball and the pyramid on a sheet of scratch paper and sent it over to Robin.”

Credit: The Hoodwitch

Buy them separately or don’t waste any time and collect them all! The Hoodwitch will be coming out with even more pin designs, so make sure to save some room for them on your denim jacket.

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