Ladies have been wearing sexy underthings way before Victoria ever had a secret. Mode created a video that showcases how lingerie has evolved over the last 100 years, and it’s very clear that the definition of “sexy” has changed over time, too. The video features an example of unmentionables from every decade, starting in 1915, when billowy boy-shorts were the fashion de la bedroom.

According to the video, lingerie in 1925 constituted what looks like a full outfit, complete with slip, robe, and a string of pearls. So fancy!


The ’40s brought about the cone-shaped bra and snug corset that created the hourglass shape so popular among Old Hollywood actresses, and babydoll shirts with frilly undies were all the rage only ten years later.

By 1985, lingerie started getting more familiar with this cute leotard. According to this video, lingerie in the ’80s included socks with high heels, which should probably make a comeback because ruffly socks are the blast from the past we all need right now.


There is one very important characteristic that all of these lingerie sets have in common: confidence! Mode tipped a hat to the amazing body confidence conversations that have developed over the last few years. In the video, 2015’s style can’t be limited to just one body type. Mode’s model reveals three other gorgeous women with three differently gorgeous body types. Yassss!


What a fabulous way to show that there is no one way to be sexy or to feel confident. For the full 100 years of lingerie fashion, check out the video here: