Alim Kheraj
July 12, 2016 3:01 am
Instagram/Hilary Duff

While we’ve always been kinda envious of Hilary Duff, recently her fashion game has been STRONG. We’re talking spending hours on Google trying to put together versions of her wardrobe levels of strong.

First, we got all excited over Hilary’s gorgeous glasses, then we were desperately trying to re-create her stunning ombre hair (like, seriously, #hairgoals), and then we realised that, actually, she’s kinda a queen of Instagram.

Isn’t this just all of us right here?

Similarly, Hilary proved to us all that she’s totally relatable, too. Last year, the former Disney star revealed that she’d joined Tinder, and she also shared some super awkward childhood photos (ain’t we all been there, eh?).

Oh, and she also low key released an amazing album last year with Breathe In Breathe Out, and is a cast member of one of TV’s hottest shows, Younger, which we LIVE for.

Basically, Hilary is just #goals through and through, and yesterday (July 11) she stepped her game up AGAIN.

Taking to Instagram to let us all know that she was feeling like a “pimp,” Hilary shared this picture of her wearing FLUFFY SHOES and we are totally obsessed with them. The slippers, for that’s what we discovered they were, are from Gucci’s men’s section and cost a pretty penny at $995.

If you’re still enticed by these Gucci Princetontown slippers they come in four styles, brown ostrich, black leather, dark red leather, and crocodile.

Meanwhile, we’re gonna just go back staring at Hilary’s Instagram account for our next fashion inspiration.