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If you have plans to dye your hair a crazy color and need inspiration, look no further than Hayley Williams’ locks. The Paramore frontwoman is known for changing her hair color to reflect every shade in the rainbow and that’s exactly why we look to her as a hair role model. With this in mind, we have some great news:

Hayley has her own line of hair dye (cleverly called goodDYEyoung) and now it will be easier than ever to follow in her colorist’s footsteps.

Williams took on this exciting venture because she sees hair coloring as being both artistic and creative, which are two adjectives she loves to hear. “[Coloring your hair is] fashiony, but it’s also punk rock, too,” Hayley told Nylon. “I’m inspired by a lot of fashion shows and those who are using crazy, extreme hair on the runway just as much as I am inspired by the fans who attend our shows, who are doing stuff I’ve never seen before.” (We love knowing that Hayley looks to her fans for inspiration.)

In addition to loving the creative side of hair coloring, Hayley also loves how dyeing her hair makes her feel. She specifically referred to goodDYEyoung’s yellow color “Steal My Sunshine,” which makes her feel like a rockstar. “Man, it’s so ridiculous and fun to wear,” revealed Hayley. “When I had it in, I got more compliments on my hair than ever. I thought people weren’t going to be into the green undertone that we put in it, but that’s what I really loved about it.

In addition to “Steal My Sunshine,” goodDYEyoung also sells “Blue Ruin” (a blue tone), “Ex-Girl” (pink), “Riot” (orange), “Rock Lobster” (red), and “Fader” (a mixing product that helps you adjust color intensity). For $13.99, you can buy these colors (right now!) on goodDYEyoung’s website. They also sell tools for $5.99 to help you achieve the hair color of your dreams.

Although Hayley’s business is only selling five colors as of right now, don’t worry – because they have plans to expand in the future.

In fact, they are already working on new colors. “I know that people are like, ‘What about purple?’” Hayley explained. “I would like to eventually hit the point where we’re doing more than just color – by giving people a way to take care of their colored hair so that they can make it a part of their lives.

Does anyone else suddenly have the urge to dye their hair yellow?