Gabriela Herstik
August 04, 2017 4:16 pm

There’s something personal about decorating your space, about picking out objects to surround yourself with, day in and day out. We may want a nice plant, sometimes we need a new rug, or we occasionally feel the desire to simply make one small change in the name of sprucing things up. Now, if you’re in the mood for something to give your room a cosmic touch (while infusing it with a whole lotta magick), then Haute Priestess is the answer to your prayers.

This line of handmade occult objects and ceramic ware goes from coffee table to ritual in an instant, transforming your space into a temple — effortlessly.

Even if you haven’t been looking for a crescent moon platter to lay your sage and crystals on, you’re sure to find something that stirs your soul like a cauldron in this line. The brand’s Etsy reveals,

If you’ve been feeling a pull to the ethereal and magical, but don’t know where to start, then consider this a sign. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make you feel beautiful is an easy way to tap into your inner radiance, all while helping you make your space more inviting.

The Los Angeles-based ceramics studio even has pieces starting at $6, so do you really have an excuse to *not* treat yourself, or your space?

If you’re all about the little things, then look no further. With help from the priestess, you’ll be feeling your space in no time.