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Have you always wished for a Hogwarts school sweater to show your allegiance to a certain house?

Then head over to this Etsy shop, Catherine Elhoffer’s Elhoffer Design, to make all your Harry Potter sweater dreams come true.

As Nerdist said, they’ll cast a spell on you. I know we’re already sucked in.

The best part? The knit sweaters are here right in time for fall.

Plus, they have thumb holes to keep you warm and snuggly, too.

You can pre-order the sweaters now on Etsy, according to The Daily Dot, and sizes run from XS to 3XL.

The cost? Fifty dollars, but worth every penny.

The only bummer? They won’t ship till next month.

You can also track how the sweaters are selling here.

Warning: If you wear them to your actual, IRL school, everyone may want it and swarm you, so you may want to order a few extras. PS, the holidays are coming. And you know what’s better than holiday presents? EARLY holiday presents perfect for crisp autumn days.

To recap, here are your Harry Potter sweater choices.

And if you’re a super fan like we are, you can even get a matching purse from Sent from Mars.

Credit: Elhoffer Design


Though, TBH, you had us at “Harry Potter”…