Are you staring down the barrel of an epic annual Halloween party knowing you don’t have a costume? Guess what? I still believe in you. Here’s an alternative. Why not employ your hair as a costume and get the haircut you’ve been mulling over some mulled cider?

Check out these iconic haircuts that will give you a great Halloween get-up and awesome style for weeks to come. For this list, I consulted one of New York’s most inventive hair stylists. Aimee Iris Brown cuts hair for yoga instructors, activists, social workers, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists in her salon in Brooklyn. She was featured on the amazing LadyPoints series, and is an all-around boss.

Sure, it’s ideal to save money on a costume, as we were expertly schooled to do by Mr. Kate in this piece. Why not also use Halloween to express yourself. HG gal and amazing LA hair and makeup artist Jorjee Douglass, in this article, explains how she seeks “inspiration from old films or music or acts of historical political movements. Just looking at life or art and translate it in any way you want to is always a fun way to express and discover yourself!”

Consider one of these haircuts. When you wake up on November 1st, you’ll still be around a lot of pumpkins, but unlike Cinderella, your magic will remain.

Mia Farrow’s crop in Rosemary’s Baby

Toss a pillow under a babydoll dress, wear an amulet or locket and some thick under eye liner and you’re a ringer for Mia Farrow. You can murmur “I’ve been to Vidal Sassoon” as you stand by the epic Halloween meat tray.

Morticia Addams’ long locks/center part

This look is everywhere these day. Really long hair with a center part. You’ll be on-trend at least until coffee shops swap their pumpkin spices for gingerbread lattes.

Valley of the Dolls’s big poofy hair

Got a mini skirt and some boots in your closet? Maybe a bumpit? You’re set, doll.

David Lynch

This look, sported by Michelle Williams and Janaelle Monae would make for a great costume. Can you suit up and add some baby powder to grey things up a bit?

Sinead O Connor buzz

I’ve wanted this look for years. Be the change I want to see in the world. Grab some photos of icons and tear away, you iconoclast, you.

Buddy Holly or James Dean

Starchy jean jackets, glasses, and saddle shoes would all be appropriate this fall anyhow. This look might not win any contests, but is a safe bet if you don’t want to be the only one who shows up to a midweek “IS this a Halloween event?’ type of fete.

Patti Smith messy layers

Get that shag! Wear that men’s dress shirt. Practice talking to people with hair in your face.

Baby in Dirty Dancing

Do you have genetic access curly bangs? I’m jealous. This is your night to put them on display! If not…let’s talk about a perm?

So, maybe you don’t need a change. Maybe your current hair cut is already perfect for a deep cut, and you’re just gonna grab your skateboard and be Shannon Sossamon in The Rules of Attraction or wear a striped shirt and go as Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted. Use what you’ve got! Or, use October 31st as a reason to make a change. If you’ve always wanted to test the feathery heights of bangdom, a bob, a buzz, take October 31st in stride. And if you couldn’t tell by this article in which I talked about feathers a lot… I believe in you.

[Images via Universal Pictures, Disney, Wikimedia Commons, Youtube, Columbia Records]