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There’s nothing more annoying than getting into the holiday spirit — tree purchased, decorations moved out of storage, Christmas music blaring, hot toddy poured — to find you don’t have enough lights halfway through stringing them on the tree (a problem that people with crazy cool light displays never seem to have.) Now what?

In this moment, you face a moral dilemma: Put your cup of hot chocolate/hot toddy/whiskey on the rocks down to trek to the store to get more lights (read: the logical decision?) Or leave the tree as is in all it’s perfectly imperfect glory because, like Lady Gaga’s hit single #BornThisWay, you accept the tree for what it is and also that hopefully spiked hot chocolate is just too damn good?

The people below found themselves in this exact predicament — a few light bulbs short — this holiday season. But instead of frantically trying to purchase new lights or try to find the ones they know they had last year which are now somehow is nowhere to be found, they decided to leave their tree as is.

Some lights make it half-way, others black out on top, or in spaces in between. A few people used the little amount of lights they did have and got creative — who says the lights needed to wrap around the entire tree anyway?

Because when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or in this case, a half-lit work of holiday art. Unlike “fetch,” these tree decorators may actually make this new Christmas light look happen.

1. Half-lit? Nah, it’s wearing a skirt!

2. When in doubt, use a distraction.

3. It’s minimalism!

Credit: Misty Durbin / Facebook

4. The top is the most important part of the tree anyway.

5. Missed a spot.. or two.


6. If Neptune can have a dark spot so can this tree.

Credit: Lori Miller Synder / Facebook

7. It’s nighttime in the Northern Hemisphere.


8. This tree is so (half) lit.

9. This tree looks like it was supposed to come pre-strung so that’s just wrong.


10. Maybe no one will notice.

11. We give it an 8.5.

12. You see the face, right?

13. Welp.



Credit: Deb Cordi / Facebook

15. Charlie Brown on strike?

16. Better luck next year!