Marie Lodi
Updated March 30, 2016
LarsZ / Shutterstock

Asian makeup trends have been making their way into the American beauty realm in recent years — some cool and others questionable. Now there’s an old-school Japanese hair method going around that might become the secret to getting amazing hair. According to Marie Claire, the “hair water” trend helps hydrate and revive limpless strands, all due to one simple ingredient: rice water.

Since ancient times, Japanese women have been using a process called “Yu-Su-Ru,” which consists of washing their hair with rice water. This method was believed to have made hair shiny, strong and long. How can we do this ourselves? While there are DIY tutorials showing how to make your own by just boiling or soaking rice, Marie Claire found a shortcut on Etsy.

A brand called Ash & Nectar makes a product called Rice Water Hair Milk that includes rosemary, argan and lavender essential oils along with the rice water. The product, which costs $22, doesn’t take the place of shampooing, but is meant to be used after like a conditioner. It claims to help deep condition, heal split ends and make it super shiny alongside many other benefits. Sign us up, immediately!