Whoa: This girl’s hair is blowing everyone’s mind

So, we spotted this magical hair on user’s jesrever’s Tumblr and are absolutely enamored with it. In a quick video, we see a girl with short black hair hanging out nonchalantly, like she DOESN’T have a colorful secret in her tresses. When all of the sudden, BAM, warm colors pop out of nowhere. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Regina George has got NOTHING on this girl’s secretive hair.

See for yourself:http://jesrever.tumblr.com/post/132668444918/yeah-so-i-got-my-hair-done-today-edit-heres-an

We love how she took the idea of peek-a-boo highlights and the oil slick hair trend and mixed them together for this unexpected surprise.

The girl with this awesome hair is named Jaye, and she gives a play-by-play on how she came up with the look on her Tumblr, specifically calling Aura Friedman (@auracolorist) as her inspiration. Aura Friedman is credited with creating the oil slick hair trend —which is supposed to look like the way an oil spill reflects light and rainbow color, giving of opalescence.

The Tumblr post already has over 345,000 notes and it’s easy to see why —the hair style is awesome.

This is perfect hair style for those who work in a more traditional or conservative setting and still want to do something fun and bold with their hair. You can let as much or as little of the color peek through, depending largely on your cut and how you style it.  It works especially well for brunettes, as darker hair is a great camouflage for the colorful shades underneath.

(Image via Tumblr)