Bethany Biron
June 19, 2016 9:45 am
George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Ah, sweet summer. A time for beach trips, barbecues, and inevitably, sunburns.

Sunscreen, as we all know, is now a must for sun exposure, even if you’re seeking to get a little bronzed in the beachy weather. With more than 76,000 cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the US per year, it’s now more important than ever to make sure we’re getting full coverage anytime we’re out in the sunshine.

Of course, all the good health intentions in the world may not make you an expert contortionist, and you’d need to be one in order to reach all the places on your back with sunscreen if you don’t have any help! The age-old problem of dousing yourself in sunscreen without a friend (or handsome stranger) to give you a hand is a chronic one, but at last, the solution is at hand!

Thanks to this nifty trick from Today, getting proper back coverage with sunscreen is no longer an impossible task. The process is pretty simple: First, take a sheet of plastic wrap about 2-3 feet long, and apply sunscreen to the center of the sheet. Then, carefully take both ends of the plastic wrap and bring it around your back and wipe back and forth like you’re drying off with a towel.

Seriously, full sun protection solo is as simple as that!! Check out the full video at Today, just in case you need a closer look a the exact technique.

Now, no more excuses, no lobster backs, and no peeling skin! Get out there and enjoy the sun in as many backless tops, halters, and bikinis as you desire, knowing your whole back is safe from that dangerous UV.