What do you get when you combine hair art and manscaping? Both trends are nothing new, but one man has decided to combine the two to take his manscaping to the next step.

Mike Wolfe, who hails from Nampa, Idaho, has a really hairy back. After being deeply embarassed about it for years, he decided to his hairy back was nothing to be ashamed of.

In 2008, he enlisted the help of his college friend Tyler Harding, a graphic designer-turned-principal, to help him turn his back hair into a canvas. That’s right, they’re making art out of unwanted back hair. The duo decide on an image that Harding then shaves into the hair Wolfe’s back. After they’re done, Harding snaps a pic. Their first attempt was an American Flag, which they then dubbed Am-HAIR-ica the Beautiful.


“Everybody always makes fun of the guy with back hair. Well now it’s my turn to shine, right?,” Mike said in an interview with KTVB-TV. “It’s disgusting. But it’s funny. You can’t deny it’s funny.”

Over time, they created so much “back art” they decided to do something with photos.They’ve created a calendar, appropriately called CalendHAIR, using a themed image for each month of the year. For Februhairy, as it’s named in the calendar, Wolfe’s back features an image of cupid. Octobhair features the Grip ReapHAIR.


It takes Wolfe about 4 months to completely grow out his back and commit to a new piece of art. You can watch Wolfe and Harding in action in the video below, as Harding sculpts a new image into Wolfe’s back.

If you still need a calendar for 2016, CalendHAIR costs $20 USD, with 10% of all proceeds are donated to the Gates of Hope Foundation, which empowers youth in Kenya and refugee youth in Boise, Idaho through education.

(Images via Calendhair)