Anna Gragert
May 03, 2016 2:16 pm
Fabulously Feminist / Bando / Shop Mr Jones
Fabulously Feminist / Bando / Shop Mr Jones

Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed fashionista, you’ve most likely experienced the magic that happens when you wear an article of clothing you love. After getting dressed in the morning, you glance in the mirror, stop for a moment, and allow a tsunami of self-confidence to wash over you. That’s right – you’re going to have a great day and it’s all thanks to that piece of fabric on your body.

More often than not, we come across graphic tops that make us feel like we’re wearing a cape and about to take over the world. They may feature inspirational quotes, feminist catchphrases, or even slogans that truly make us feel better about being human. This is what we’re talking about…

1. Bando I Did My Best Sweatshirt ($48)

2. AEO Soft & Sexy Muscle Tank ($19.95)

American Eagle /

3. Shop Mr Jones Not Today Satan Ladies Tee ($19.95)

Shop Mr Jones /

4. Wear Me Gear I Am Enough Crew T-Shirt ($25)

Wear Me Gear /

5. Rad Queen Sweatshirt ($24.90)

Rad. /

6. Activate Apparel Strong Women Do It Best ($19.99)

Activate Apparel /

7. Target Killin It Chin Up Graphic Muscle Tee ($14.99)

8. Feminist Apparel Femme Ain’t Frail #2 Flowers T-Shirt ($29.95)

Feminist Apparel /

9. Gemma Correll Women’s Fitted Tri-Black Tee ($22)

Gemma Correll /

10. Tee & Cake Loose Tee ($38)

Topshop /

11. Two Tone Tee To One Girl Almighty T-Shirt ($15)

Two Tone Tee To One /

12. Fabulously Feminist I Am Badass T-Shirt ($17.99)

Fabulously Feminist /

13. Fashion Enemy Shirt I Got This T-shirt ($14.90) – An empowering gift for a friend!

Fashion Enemy Shirt /

While you don’t need to rely on a piece of clothing to feel amazing, the above tops can simply serve as an added self-esteem boost!