Jen Juneau
Updated Jul 31, 2016 @ 11:46 am
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Credit: secret.wood/Instagram

If Disney Princesses were existed IRL, they would likely wear jewelry inspired by their beautiful homes. But how do you bring all the magic of Disney-style fantasy into the real world in only a small piece of jewelry? Simple.

You get a breathtakingly beautiful and completely unique ring like these from Secret Wood.

Secret Wood is a Canadian based company that operates out of Vancouver and specializes in creating incredible handcrafted pieces using (according to their website) “beeswax and fine woods” (along with jewelry resin) to create a variety of other-worldly scenes you can wear on your finger.

“British Columbia itself is an infinite source of inspiration for us. We’re surrounded by turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains, unique forests, crashing waterfalls, and of course, the majestic Pacific Ocean,” Roman Wood, Secret Wood co-founder, told BuzzFeed.

And they somehow recreate that mind-blowing beauty in their jewelry.

Each ring is created to be one of a kind, meaning no two are the same (just like all the unique snowflakes in this ring’s magical blizzard).

But if you’re more of a sea-lover (because Ariel will always be your favorite princess), they have stunningly beautiful options for you.

Oh, and they can also capture all the colors of the wind Pocahontas-style because of course they can.

If you prefer your jewelry to have a bit of real flower in it (and TBH everyone does if that’s an option) they use ~real flowers~ to create these drool-worthy floral designs.

The pieces come in a variety of colors, and range in price from $120 to $160. You could always take a page out of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher‘s diary and use them as an amazing alternative to a traditional wedding bands (or any other kind of ring you might want to wear every day because something this spectacular needs to be worn daily).

You can check out the entire ethereal collection here. But be warned: You will want them ALL.