Scarlet Meyer
August 28, 2016 9:22 am

It’s always amazing to see an artist on the internet killing it with their incredible skills. It is even more so when they’re doing it with a completely unconventional medium. That’s where Chan Clayrene enters the picture.

 Clayrene is a talented visual artist based in Singapore, and all of her sketches are made with nail polish.

You heard us! These beautiful fashion sketches were all created with nail polish. And as though paper weren’t enough, Clayrene has also been experimenting with mixing her nail polish creations with water. She talked to Bored Panda about her process.

She said,“The process of drawing on water is very challenging but exciting, I could ruin my artwork anytime with a wrong stroke! Hence, it just feels like making a wish in the wishing well and the dream comes true once the artwork is completed.”

We love that she’s making her dreams come true because they sure look dreamy to us.

“Through this art journey, it motivates me to dare to dream, to always inspire and to be an inspiration for others,” she added.

And we agree that her art is definitely inspiring!

We are just so blown away by the intricate and beautiful nature of her work, and the fact that she does it with such a common beauty product.

Follow Clayrene’s Instagram to catch more of her art!