Stephanie Hallett
August 18, 2016 3:06 pm
SnitchGetCrossStitch - AmourStyle - JemmaCakebreadArtist
SnitchGetCrossStitch - AmourStyle - JemmaCakebreadArtist

It seems like embroidery is everywhere right now. From high-fashion runways to city streets, this trend (which can be simultaneously boho and baroque – it’s that magical) is one we’re totally on board with.

One of our favorite – and one of the most underrated! – ways to rock the embroidered look is in accessory form. Sure, you’ve probably seen embroidered belts floating around vintage shops, but how about an embroidered necklace? Yes, please! You can shop some of our favorite pieces below (and then please share your pics with us)!

1. Tiny Space Pendant Embroidery Necklace

SnitchGetCrossStitch /

Buy here for $25

2. Black & Red Beaded Embroidery Jewelry Set

JewelryAjoureFlowers /

Buy the full set here for $189 (or purchase individual pieces)

3. Embroidered Peony Earrings

TomasCross /

Buy here for $24

4. The Marnie Choker

AmourStyle /

Buy here for $10

5. Floral Pendant In Mustard Yellow

Garlandandpendant /

Buy here for $27

6. Embroidered Stud Earrings

Goricvet /

Buy here for $12.87

7. Embroidered Monogram Pendant

BlinkBlinkLaedchen /

Buy here for $11.62

8. Retro Hand-Embroidered Pin

JemmaCakebreadArtist /

Buy here for $10.26

9. Bunny Rabbit Embroidered Necklace

Midgins /

Buy here for $27.01

10. Embroidered Arrow Brooch

TheMarshWrenShop /

Buy here for $18

11. Embroidered Cactus Necklace

CallHerHappy /

Buy here for $28

Want to make your own embroidered jewelry? Of course you do. Check out the video below!