Gloria Steinem + Anna Kendrick = the new Kate Spade commercial

Gloria Steinem and Anna Kendrick are two of my biggest idols, and I never expected to see them together. But the world must be playing a trick on me, because today they came together in a way I never could have guessed: a Kate Spade commercial.

The two co-star in the latest of Kate Spade’s #missadventure commercial series, and while there’s a voice in the back of my head nagging me about the commercialization of feminism and how I should be concerned, I can’t help but love the combo. (It probably doesn’t hurt that Kate Spade is already my favorite lazy-day window shopping excursion.)

The ad is as perfectly relatable as everything Anna Kendrick does. The first two minutes involve her getting stood up for a date and instead having dinner with her dog and Kate Spade purse, which she has a charming conversation with. The best part has to be when the two women finally interact, with Kendrick stumbling over her words just like I would if I ever met Steinem, and Steinem acting as poised as you would imagine.

Kendrick and her cute dog are starring in the whole commercial series, but Steinem is unfortunately just a guest appearance. Lucky for us, Steinem also did a couple interviews with the brand about being an author, dining alone, and her impact. And, as usual, she has words to live by.

“You know, you’re afraid to do something, but if you don’t do it… you’re going to walk around for a week, a month, the rest of your life wishing you did and wondering what would have happened,” Steinem says in the video. “That’s worse.”

I’m sure some will be annoyed by using our favorite actors and activists to sell a brand, but I can’t help but feel kind of okay with this being the future of advertising. I’m loving the trend of seeing really inspirational women (Joan Didion for Celine, Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent) spotlighted in fashion ads, even if it means I want to buy lots of designer goods afterwards.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the only thing by Kate Spade I can afford is my iPhone case — but man does my phone look good. Now if only I had Anna Kendrick and Gloria Steinem‘s numbers on it so I could join in their #missadventures (and get in on that delicious dessert)!


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