Madison Vanderberg
Updated Jan 28, 2018 @ 5:13 pm
Theo Wargo/George Pimentel/Getty

1. You crop all photos in the middle of your forehead.


Which makes it difficult to do group photos, but so be it.

2. You have to be extra diligent about putting sunscreen on your forehead.

Because it feels like your forehead is basically a target for the sun.

3. You are so expert at contouring your forehead that it basically disappears.


But highlighting a big forehead is a dangerous game of trickery. How shiny do you want it, really?

4. Ponytails in general are rough.

God bless us with Tyra Bank’s confidence (and bone structure).

5. You have experimented with Photoshop apps to make your forehead smaller.


But you just end up looking like an alien.

6. You convince yourself to get bangs once every couple of years.

But they are SOOO high-maintenance.

7. You stare at photos of Rihanna all day.

To remind yourself that one of the most beautiful humans ever has a big forehead.

8. You argue with other big forehead friends over whose head is largest.

“Yours is just a four head, I have a FIVE HEAD!”

9. Parting your hair in the middle is a luxury that only small heads and underwear models can achieve.

Then again, Rachel McAdams has NO PROBLEM doing it.

10. Hats are your best friend.

They’re a great forehead equalizer.

11. You obsessively Google “haircuts for big foreheads.”

And the result is always just, “Get bangs.”

12. But then you found out that when artists draw faces, the forehead takes up nearly half the face-

And realize that your forehead is anatomically perfect and everything is cool.