Leonora Epstein
December 13, 2015 4:00 pm

1. Gilmore Girls earrings, $9, Etsy.
These studs are obviously a perfect pairing.

2. Gilmore Girls magnetic quotes, $9.95, Etsy
Any GG fan should be able to quote the show by heart — now they can prove it.

3. Bali’s Best coffee candy, $5.20, Amazon.
If you’re like Lorelai or Rory, coffee is your lifeline. It’s even sweeter in candy form.

4. Fresh coffee lip balm, $3.50, Etsy
But here’s another way to get your java fix.

5. Gilmore Girls magnet set, $8, Etsy
Doesn’t matter what team you’re on, these magnets are perfect for sparking passionate debate around the fridge.

6. Gilmore Girls theme song necklace, $10, Etsy
So you can carry Carole King’s motto with you everywhere.

7. Carole King Tapestry cassette tape, $5.99, eBay
A cassette with the show’s theme song — “Where You Lead” — is a sentimental treasure.

8. Gilmore Girls quote keychain, $13, Etsy
Best. Advice. Ever.

9. Luke’s Diner patch, $10, Etsy
So people will know where to find you every morning. (Emotionally, at least.)

10. Gilmore Girls greeting card, $4.50, Etsy
This card makes the perfect stocking stuffer because you can always hope the recipient writes their thank you letter on it.

(Images via Warner Brothers, Etsy, Amazon)

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