Anna Gragert
Updated July 21, 2016 2:34 pm
George Pimentel/WireImage

If you’re looking for some eye makeup inspiration this summer, look no further. While on set for Maybelline, model Gigi Hadid’s eyelids were transformed by makeup artist Erin Parsons and what resulted is one of the most magical looks we’ve ever laid eyes on (pun intended).

Feast your own eyes on this fabulousness:

Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Can this please be a thing? Though she’s currently taking a break from her photoshoot, we love the fact that Gigi has a casual black/white/grey outfit paired with a vibrant eye. With that makeup alone, Hadid looks as though she’s about to strut down a runway.

Let’s get closer:

Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Maybelline also shared their own up-close pic on Snapchat, demonstrating that Gigi’s cupid’s bow was also highlighted with an icy blue shade:

Maybelline / Snapchat

Yup – she looks like a peacock princess with those perfectly blended shades of blue, purple, and pink on her eyelids. Paired with a glowing complexion, slicked-back hair, and a neutral lip, Gigi is definitely making us rethink all our summer style goals.

Here’s hoping that Maybelline releases a peacock princess palette because we’d 100% buy it in a heartbeat.